The Photographer

"There are no reasons for my photographs, nor any rules; all depends on the mood of the moment, on the mood of the model."

Jeanloup Sieff


"I am totally superficial, I know. But I believe superficiality can be very serious, a defence against the gravity of things, a manner of discretion..."

Jeanloup Sieff


I have been a photographer for over fifty years. The first time I tried photography was in college; my camera and all my slides were stolen...

The second time, my photographic experience got better. I got a "modern" camera, the infamous Pentax K1000, to take pictures of my son. Then it was my son and the neighbor kids. Several parents came to me and asked me to take portraits of their children..."real" portraits, not Sears' portraits...

Then it happened, "My daughter is getting married...". I became a wedding photographer, a weekend warrior.

Today, after almost five decades, I am photographing for myself ... Enjoy my journey!

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